Barefoot Doctor Training

Empowering Personal and Community Health Through Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is healing system for the people.  It involves the use of natural herbs, acupuncture, massage techniques, dietary therapy, and qigong to keep the body in harmony and balance with nature.  Everyone should be empowered with these basic techniques to stay healthy.  This Barefoot Doctor training program is for the general public to learn how to help yourself and your loved ones with the ancient healing powers of Chinese medicine.

Course includes basic Chinese medicine first aid kit to keep you and your family naturally healthy!!

In this course you will learn:

  • The basics of Chinese medical philosophy
    • Yin Yang Theory
    • 5 Element Theory
    • Chinese medical anatomy and physiology
    • Diseases:  causes and cures
  • Qigong practices for daily immune support, health, and well being
  • The 10 most effective acupressure points for self healing
  • The 5 most effective Chinese herb formulas for common diseases
  • How to identify, locate, and prepare local and native herbs at your home
  • Grocery Store Herbal remedies for common illnesses
  • How to make basic medicinal tinctures and salves with Chinese and local herbs
  • Simple and powerful techniques for disease treatment and prevention
    • Moxibustion
    • Gua Sha
    • Tui Na Massage
    • Qigong
  • Chinese dietary theory:  How to eat right for the season and climate
  • Chinese topical medicines for injuries and pain
    • How to make medicinal liniments
    • Over the counter Chinese liniments
    • Plasters

Course Date:  OCTOBER 12th,  9am- 5pm

Deadline for Enrollment:  October 10, 2013

Course Includes:
  • 10 most effective herbal medicines for common health conditions
  • Basic Chinese medicine first aid kit *
  • *Shiunko (The Magic Purple Cream)
  • *Gua Sha tool
  • *Moxa
  • *Chinese liniments for injury and pain
  • *3 most essential first aid herbal formulas
  • Practical, immediately useful knowledge
  • Certificate of Barefoot Doctor training

Cost:  $95 per person, $85 for Students (must show valid current school ID)

  • Preregistration is necessary to participate in course
  • Payment is due in full by enrollment deadline
  • No refunds will be offered after deadline date
  • Course is limited to 20 people