The Origin of the San Diego Padres

san diego padresBaseball. One of America’s favorite past times. Households around America root for their favorite teams, but baseball on the east coast is nothing like baseball on the west coast. Fans all throughout the state of California aren’t afraid to show pride for their favorite teams, but San Francisco Giants fans and Los Angeles Angels fans are nothing in comparison to the fans of the San Diego Padres.


The San Diego Padres are a baseball team in the major league representing San Diego, California. The team has housed many legends, including Ted Williams and Dave Winfield. The team is almost fifty years old. So, how did such a long-standing and legendary team get its start?


What is the origin of the San Diego Padres? What is the team’s history?


From Humble Beginnings


Before the San Diego Padres of major league baseball, there was a Pacific Coast League team in 1936 that went by the Padres. The future San Diego Padres adopted their name from the PCL team as their own. Their name was chosen for its derivation from the Spanish word for “father,” inspired by the friars who founded the city of San Diego back in 1769.


The San Diego Padres were inducted into the major leagues in 1969, along with the Montreal Expos, the Kansas City Royals and the Seattle Pilots. In the beginning of their career as a major league team, the Padres struggled immensely. In their first six seasons, the team finished in last place of their division every time.


Things got so bad for the team that they were up for sale just before the 1974 season. Original owner C. Arnholt Smith was planning on selling the team to Joseph Danzansky, who wanted to move the team to Washington D.C. and rename them as the Washington Stars. However, when Danzansky was tied up in lawsuits, the team ended up being sold to McDonald’s co-founder Ray Kroc. Kroc had no interest in moving the team, so the Padres stayed in San Diego.


The Team Shows Steady Improvement


With their rough start, the team welcomed a change in ownership. During Kroc’s first season as owner of the Padres, the team did not finish last in their division for the first time; they finished in fourth.


Slowly, the Padres won more and more games; player Nat Colbert broke records by hitting five home runs in a doubleheader. Ozzie Smith joined the team and changed what it meant to play shortstop. Their averages got better and better, and they slowly gained more fans.


The Padres Today


Following their origin story, the Padres have had a roller coaster of a record, falling to the lowest lows and reaching the highest highs. Padres players have shown some of the worst disappointments and the greatest feats during their time as a major league baseball team, but what remains constant is the love from their fans. Through the death of owner Ray Kroc to the opening of the Padres’ own Petco Park, there isn’t a high or low the fans haven’t seen. Through it all, they continue to support their team.


San Diego – The Best Place in America for Sipping Fine Tequila

san diego tequilaSan Diego is one of the best places to have a good time. The beautiful weather, endless list of things to do, laidback culture and great food and drink all create a fun and exciting atmosphere. However, what really sets San Diego’s scene apart from other great places in America is their great selection and knowledge of tequila. That’s what has earned it the reputation as being the best place in America for sipping fine Tequila!


San Diego’s culture is strongly influenced by their population’s diversity, with a large part of that culture being influenced by Latin Americans. With that influence comes expertise in the tequila field, and San Diego is proud of what their melting pot has achieved. There are countless places to enjoy a good margarita or tequila sample; check out our top three favorites below.


  1. Old Town Tequila Factory Restaurant and Cantina


If you’re looking for an authentic San Diego tequila experience, Old Town Tequila Factory is it. Enjoy a full menu of authentic Mexican favorites, complete with homemade tortillas, and sip on gigantic margaritas while listening to live music. Old Town Tequila Factory even has its own “tequila terrace,” or a special tequila bar on the restaurant’s rooftop.


You can also view the barrels in which the restaurant makes its Special Edition Old Town Tequila Factory Double Barrel Edition Tequila. Located in the heart of the historic area of Old Town San Diego, this is one tequila spot you won’t want to miss.


  1. Old Harbor Distilling Co.


Maybe you’re interested in tequila for purely scientific reasons. Look no further than a tour through San Diego’s finest tequila distillery, Old Harbor Distilling Company. Learn how tequila and other spirits are made and stored for maximum quality and flavor. You can even enjoy a few samples in the distillery’s 600-square-foot tasting room if your interests aren’t purely scientific. Tours are only 10 dollars and can be booked online for Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings. Take a break from the restaurant tequila scene with a tour; you might learn a thing or two about your favorite drink.


  1. El Agave Restaurant and Tequileria


El Agave is a perfect blend of fine dining with good, creative food and authentic tequila. Enjoy reduced prices on great drinks like their Cadillac margarita during Happy Hour while selecting from a full menu of new age, Latin America inspired dishes. The restaurant boasts of 2,000 different types of tequilas for you to try, including their own brand of award-winning Tequila Agave Artesenal.


While you wait for your food to arrive, sip on your drink and stroll through the restaurants tequila museum, which showcases thousands of different bottles of tequila from around the world and through the ages. El Agave truly is an experience, not just a place to have a quick meal. It’s a great spot to have a business dinner or take a date – especially if they like tequila.


Whether you’re a local or a passerby, we all know the feeling of wanting a good drink after a long day. San Diego’s tequila scene takes that desire to the next level. Explore different tastes, flavors and combinations through great restaurants and distilleries and up your tequila knowledge.


What the World Should Know About the California Burrito

san diego burritoIf you’re a Cali native, then you know about the California Burrito. Born out of San Diego in the 1980’s, this burrito is a California’s staple. It’s a perfect culmination of Californian and Mexican food (Cal-Mex if you will) and served hot for your San Diego surfer or your late-night partier to enjoy. However, there’s a lot the world doesn’t know about the California Burrito, so here’s a guide to fill them in.


What is it?


To summarize, a California Burrito is a burrito stuffed with carne asada, cheese, guacamole, and French fries. It’s one monster of a burrito and comes with all the fixings. Each establishment serves up their burrito differently, everyone adding their own flair to a San Diego original. But the meat and the inclusion of fries is a must if it’s to be considered a ‘California’ burrito.


Who Invented It?


Though no one knows for sure who invented the California burrito, the creation of this Cal-Mex dish is usually credited to the Fresh MXN Chain formerly known as Santana’s.  Many San Diego locals still praise this establishment for having good and authentic California burritos even though some claim otherwise.


Where Can I Get it?


In San Diego, every Mexican restaurant and burrito stand sells some variation of a California Burrito. However, the quality of the burrito can vary drastically depending on the restaurant, so here are some of the best places to find a good California Burrito:


Nico’s Mexican Food: This franchise offers up your average-sized Cali Burrito, but what sets them apart from other places is their ability to blend the ingredients together. Surfers rave about this place and it is easily the go-to spot for many surfers to pick up their usual.


Roberto’s Mexican Food: This establishment, opened in 1964, was one of the first restaurants to start selling the Cali Burrito. Since its introduction to the menu, the Cali Burrito is made the same as it was years ago. Plus, patrons love that even though Roberto’s has shops all over San Diego, no matter what location they go to, their Cali Burrito is always the same.


Lucha Libre: They aren’t one of the original taco shops in San Diego, however, they quickly top the list as one the best. They’ve altered their California burrito slightly to create the Surfin’ California burrito. This version of the San Diego staple was included in an episode of Man v. Food.


Lolita’s: Since opening its doors, this restaurant has been cranking out awesome burritos. Lolita’s is said to be the establishment who popularized the Cali burrito. What separates their California burrito from other’s in the San Diego area is the Black Angus beef they use to make their carne asada.


Fresh MXN: Formerly known as Santana’s this chain restaurant is all over San Diego and are usually given credit for creating the California Burrito. However, many patrons debate whether the Cali Burrito produced by Fresh MXN is still as good as the original that Santana’s first put out. However, this restaurant has convenience over anything.


The 4 Most Romantic Spots in San Diego

torrey pines sunsetLooking to woo your current or future spouse, significant other, partner or fiancé? There’s no better place on Earth than San Diego, California. Located right on the west coast of the U.S., San Diego offers the best of both worlds – a beach town with a taste of city life. While there are plenty of quiet escapes into nature offered in San Diego, there is also an exciting nightlife and lots of activities to choose from with your beau.


Whether you’re on your honeymoon or looking for the perfect first date spot, San Diego has got the place for you. Check out four of the most romantic spots in San Diego.


  1. La Jolla Cove


If you’ve never seen the Pacific Coast, you must see La Jolla Cove. Even if you have seen it, La Jolla Cove is incomparable to any other beach on the California Coast. Surrounded by cliffs, this hidden gem of a cove is the perfect spot to go for a walk at sunset or sunrise with your better half.


Want a more hands-on experience than just a walk on the beach? La Jolla Cove has spots you can swim and dive in for a romantic beach getaway. Don’t be afraid to dive in to the clear, turquoise water.


  1. Balboa Park


Some of the best couples are made up of people with varying interests, but that can make date night hard. If you and your date have trouble agreeing on plans, look no further than Balboa Park. This 1,200-acre urban park hosts a collection of 17 museums, nature trails, performing arts venues and gardens. Go for a walk in the park, visit the San Diego Zoo, see a ballet and more, all in one location. Balboa Park has been ranked as one of the World’s Best Parks, and its beautiful architecture makes for a great backdrop, whether you’re on a first date or getting married.


  1. Coronado Cays


Coronado Cays is a waterfront neighborhood within San Diego, but its major selling point is not the fine real estate. Thanks to the Gondola Company, you and your special someone can take an authentic ride in an Italian gondola through the Coronado Cays bay. Blankets and appetizers are provided, as well as glassware to hold your favorite bottle of wine. Rides last for fifty minutes and run all evening and night. It’s the perfect way to start or end a night on the town in San Diego.


  1. Torrey Pines State Beach and Park


Enjoy eight miles of hiking trails that overlook Pacific Coast bluffs with your plus-one. Torrey Pines State Beach and Park is part of a conservation effort, so there is no shortage of natural beauty in the park. See the rare Torrey pine trees and escape the hustle and bustle of city life in this romantic getaway.


Whether you’re new to the area or a long-time San Diego veteran, there’s always a new adventure to be had just around the corner. Grab your sweetheart and explore one of the best, most romantic cities in America today.


The Best Hikes in San Diego

san diego hikingFor those who love to be active and get some of that great California sun, you need to know where all the greatest places to hike are. So, in this article, we are listing all the best places to go hiking in San Diego.


Cowles Mountain

This is a quick and easy hike for those with not much time on their hands. At the peak it maximum height stands at 1,595 feet; it is the tallest peak in the city.  The trail is 1.5 miles up to the top of the mountain, however, most of your workout is coming from the incline and steepness of the trail. And because it’s such a short hike, you can usually find it swarming with people and their pets.


Torrey Pines

This trail found in the Torrey Pines State Reserve is one of the more beautiful trails to hike. This 8-mile long trail features lovely views of the ocean, pine trees, and flowers. Depending on the path that you choose at the beginning of your hike, you can find some excellent views at Razor Point and Guy Fleming, however, the beach trail is for hikers looking for the picture-perfect view of the sunset.


Iron Mountain

Another popular hiking location. Iron Mountain is a well-manicured and marked location for hikers. It’s a 6-mile hike however, the area lacks proper shading from the sun. But despite, having very little coverage, the hills that stretch for miles and flowered areas makes it the perfect backdrop to a day of hiking. This trail is chiefly popular with horseback riders and is excellent if you plan on going hiking with the family. Just make sure to start early.


Mount Woodson

Also known as ‘Potato Chip Rock’ this rippling rock formation is perfect for a selfie. However, getting to this rock formation will involve a difficult track through a zig-zagging trail up one of the highest peaks in the county. However, after the hike is complete you’ll be treated to picturesque views of Palomar Mountain and Lake Poway. For the tough hike ahead be sure to include some food, water, and your selfie stick. The memories you capture will be well worth the trouble.


Cedar Creek Falls

This is one of the most beautiful waterfall hikes in the San Diego area. Close to an hour outside of San Diego, this 4.2-mile trail ends at a swimming hole known as the Devil’s Punchbowl. The waterfall dumps a massive amount of water from the 75-foot-high cliff. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold, but jumpers beware, several hikers have lost their life jumping off the waterfall. And though it is relatively easy getting down the trail, going back uphill is the hardest part of this hiking location.


Now that you know some the best hikes in San Diego, remember before you go to grab a snack, some water, and a buddy for your adventure. Hiking is the best way to get some exercise while you absorb some sunlight and take in the beautiful California views.