Evolution Acupuncture 10 Day Autumn Detox

Healthy Body, Clear Mind, Open Heart, Calm Spirit

Starting Tuesday October 25th, 2016

According to Daoist wisdom, autumn is the time of the metal element, which governs our inspiration through the Lungs and our sense of completion through the Large Intestine. This is the perfect time of year to rejuvenate these organs with dietary changes, cleansing, and vigorous aerobic exercise.

Emotionally, it is the ideal time to let go of what is no longer serving you, release grief and anxiety, and draw breath deep into the kidneys to encourage your will and creative life force to manifest clearly and powerfully.

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Completing the Evolution Acupuncture 10 Day Autumn Detox offers you these benefits:

  • Improve digestion and increase nutrient absorption
  • Enhance bowel function and frequency
  • Boost your immune system during cold and flu season
  • Uncover hidden food allergies
  • Clear the mind of toxic thought patterns
  • Sharpen mental focus and concentration
  • Support to release stagnant emotions
  • Potent discernment toward healthy eating habits
  • Empowerment to take appropriate, decisive action to fulfill your life mission!

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When you purchase the program you will receive an email that provides you with all the necessary information for the cleanse including a link to purchase the recommended supplements to get the most out of the program. These herbal supplements include psyllium husk, digestive enzymes and probiotics, which may be purchased from Pure Encapsulations. You may also substitute with your own chosen product line of supplements.

Please Note that the Detox can be done without the supplements, but I highly encourage that you take the recommended herbal supplements as they will amplify the your benefits.

This detox is not simply about clearing what is dirty or negative from your body. This is an opportunity to join with a community of people devoted to transforming themselves as a means to transform the planet.

The time is now to take full responsibility for your health as an individual playing your part as a human being charged with stewardship of this marvelous earth… We need to embrace our evolution as a species by recognizing our gift to co-create a world we want to see our children’s children’s children grow up within.

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“In order to improve our family, company, nation, or world community, we must begin by improving ourselves.”
~ I Ching: Hexagram 37: Chia Jen

Evolution Acupuncture 10 Day Autumn Detox

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