1. I of course love it cause I make it.

  2. If you had one thing in your first aid kit this is that product! I’ve used this for over a decade for my kids diaper rash, bites, burns, cuts, eczema and many more uses. My kid loves it too. She calls it the magic purple cream. We love shiunko by Jared!

  3. Christina says

    I used Jared’s shiunko for the first time 10 years ago. I loved it then and here I am 10 years later ordering more! Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

  4. I have used Jared’s Shiunko for about 9 years. I have witnessed him in various phases of making this, and am always impressed by the care given to each step of the process, from the formulation, to selecting the best possible ingredients, slow careful extraction methods, and finally jarring it with love and healing energy. There is no better. Thank you Jared, for this wonderful gift to healing.

  5. Jared’s Shiunko cleared up my Eczema in just a few days! I have tried every over the counter product with no luck. Shiunko gives instant relief! I strongly recommend trying it right away.

  6. I have used Shiunko for cuts, scrapes, chaffing, and most recently on some sun damage on my face. This stuff is miraculous! It has not failed to perform yet! I buy it for all my friends who are having babies, too. Its awesome on baby eczema, diaper rash, and little scuffs. Highly recommended!

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