Qigong and Martial Arts Links

Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa in Sydney Australia.  Fifth Generation Jeurng Mun (Lineage Holder) of Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and Head of the International Shaolin Luohan Therapeutic Qigong Association


Sigung Gregg Zilb in New York.  Very highly skilled practitioner and healer with 30 years experience with Shaolin Martial Arts.  My first teacher.



Sifu Thomas Fuhr in San Diego, CA.  Country Master of Chan Family Choy Lee Fut and Luohan Qigong in the US.  All traditional Shaolin weapons, fighting arts, qigong, and meditation.



Sergio Arione in Montreal.  International Master under Grandmaster Chan Yong Fa, Head of Luohan Qigong and Chan Family Choy Lee Fut in North America.  Disciple under Yang Jun in Yang Family Tai Chi and International Tai Chi Grand Champion.



Jesse Tsao in San Diego, CA.   Tai Chi Master with over 30 years experience in various Tai Chi and qigong styles.  The best Tai Chi in southern California.