San Diego – The Best Place in America for Sipping Fine Tequila

san diego tequilaSan Diego is one of the best places to have a good time. The beautiful weather, endless list of things to do, laidback culture and great food and drink all create a fun and exciting atmosphere. However, what really sets San Diego’s scene apart from other great places in America is their great selection and knowledge of tequila. That’s what has earned it the reputation as being the best place in America for sipping fine Tequila!


San Diego’s culture is strongly influenced by their population’s diversity, with a large part of that culture being influenced by Latin Americans. With that influence comes expertise in the tequila field, and San Diego is proud of what their melting pot has achieved. There are countless places to enjoy a good margarita or tequila sample; check out our top three favorites below.


  1. Old Town Tequila Factory Restaurant and Cantina


If you’re looking for an authentic San Diego tequila experience, Old Town Tequila Factory is it. Enjoy a full menu of authentic Mexican favorites, complete with homemade tortillas, and sip on gigantic margaritas while listening to live music. Old Town Tequila Factory even has its own “tequila terrace,” or a special tequila bar on the restaurant’s rooftop.


You can also view the barrels in which the restaurant makes its Special Edition Old Town Tequila Factory Double Barrel Edition Tequila. Located in the heart of the historic area of Old Town San Diego, this is one tequila spot you won’t want to miss.


  1. Old Harbor Distilling Co.


Maybe you’re interested in tequila for purely scientific reasons. Look no further than a tour through San Diego’s finest tequila distillery, Old Harbor Distilling Company. Learn how tequila and other spirits are made and stored for maximum quality and flavor. You can even enjoy a few samples in the distillery’s 600-square-foot tasting room if your interests aren’t purely scientific. Tours are only 10 dollars and can be booked online for Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings. Take a break from the restaurant tequila scene with a tour; you might learn a thing or two about your favorite drink.


  1. El Agave Restaurant and Tequileria


El Agave is a perfect blend of fine dining with good, creative food and authentic tequila. Enjoy reduced prices on great drinks like their Cadillac margarita during Happy Hour while selecting from a full menu of new age, Latin America inspired dishes. The restaurant boasts of 2,000 different types of tequilas for you to try, including their own brand of award-winning Tequila Agave Artesenal.


While you wait for your food to arrive, sip on your drink and stroll through the restaurants tequila museum, which showcases thousands of different bottles of tequila from around the world and through the ages. El Agave truly is an experience, not just a place to have a quick meal. It’s a great spot to have a business dinner or take a date – especially if they like tequila.


Whether you’re a local or a passerby, we all know the feeling of wanting a good drink after a long day. San Diego’s tequila scene takes that desire to the next level. Explore different tastes, flavors and combinations through great restaurants and distilleries and up your tequila knowledge.


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