Over many years I have relied on acupuncture treatments rather than western medicine to manage, at times, severe arthritis and other painful conditions. As a petite 77-year-old female, drugs are far too toxic. Fortunately, I’ve known some very effective practitioners, but in truth, none to compare with Jared Andersen’s methods, knowledge, skills, and success. After mere months, I live PAIN FREE! And my bone loss is now under control. His generous spirit – the giving of his time, talents, caring, amazing healing abilities — is beyond description and truly priceless. I am thankful every moment of every day for him and his gifts to my life.

– L.B.

I have been a patient of Jared’s for 4 years now and have seen him grow and expand his knowledge of massage & Oriental Medicine and have seen him blossom into San Diego’s best new acupuncturist. He combines his knowledge and experience to fit the needs of his individual patient to receive top notch care. He is an amazing clinician, herbalist, massage therapist, and qi gong practitioner. He specializes in orthopedic treatments but can do it in a Japanese style that his most needle sensitive patients can tolerate and have amazing results. He is the best. A+

– D.D., San Diego, CA

I have been to many masseuse, doctors, etc. and Jared is the only health professional that I completely trust. He understands and explains the human body like no-one that I have ever met. On top of that he is extremely compassionate and in tune with people in general. I would recommend anybody to him in a heart beat!

– J.A., San Diego, CA

There are not many practitioners I would let put their hands on me. I say this not because of arrogance, but because you will rarely find one that has, and shares the level of integrity Jared has polished and refined over time. Intuition is the back bone that guides his hands and the power he wields through and into your being is the pure, genuine, gentle vibration of love. I have had nearly every type of treatment from every type of practitioner and have had varied degrees of satisfaction. After each session I walk away feeling as if I am more than I was when I walked in the door. The level of sensitivity and precision that Mr. Andersen works with is uncanny. Each treatment has been above and beyond what I have received from any other practitioner I have ever worked with. Mr. Andersen’s level of skill for his age can only be attainable through dedication, discipline, and devotion. Each time I enter and leave of office I feel as though I am being greeted, cared for, and treated with the utmost respect any being can offer another. Jared has a knack for getting to the root of what is causing the distortion while simultaneously dismantling the symptoms sitting on the surface. When you are with Mr. Andersen you will begin to realize you are being sculpted into and getting access to your highest levels of potential by an artist that not only creates beautiful masterpieces but is also a masterpiece himself. Through time if you are lucky enough to have access to Jared you will realize that he is the product he sells, and is well onto becoming the change this young man has desired to see in the world. Walk with Jared and wake up. What greater gift can a man of his benevolent nature offer you.

– C.M., Del Mar, CA

Jared is an amazing healer! My journey with him has been a life changing experience!!!

– A.D., San Diego, CA

I have been going to Jared for deep muscle massage for (how long?) years and i have never had better muscle work in my life. He is very strong and applies great pressure. The massages are invigorating and relaxing, and they always relieve muscle pain. He is reliable, courteous, and i always look forward to my appointments with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

– E.L., Poway, CA